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City living labs – taking solutions to the streets

The livinglab approach reduces risk by accelerating solid results in physical environments.

Unlock the potential of local maker communities

Engage citizens to co-create and accelerate community driven smart city solutions.

Go beyond the hackathon!

Co-create solutions locally and scale innovations globally!

Test your citizen solutions in a global living lab!

The IoT Living Lab and The City of Amsterdam Set to Launch a Global Innovation Exchange Lab January 2018.

Rapid Prototypes

Because top-down approaches to complex urban problems are proving ineffective as technology and knowledge become more democratized, cities can now more effectively co-develop innovative solutions to real problems from its own citizens.  We now know how engaging citizens in interactive, co-creation, initiatives develops solutions, products and services cost effectively and rapidly.  This proven living lab approach launches a new value chain that impacts the economy, the environment and improves people’s lives with solid results.  

Testing citizen solutions in a global living lab

In order to further scale citizen solutions, the IoT Living Lab and the Amsterdam office of the CTO are working together to create an effective innovation exchange program between The City of Amsterdam and leading Smart Cities around the world. Amsterdam is the living laboratory to get hands-on experience and test innovations in the fields of transportation & infrastructure, home & building automation, smart energy & grids management, environmental & health monitoring, and more.  In the planning phase now, the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab is set to launch in January 2018, and we are seeking like-minded city leaders to partner for shared success.  This international initiative will create immediate, visible, and sustainable impact, and, through a series of quick wins, set an unprecedented example for mutually beneficial international collaboration.

Taking innovation to the streets

Amsterdam offers a world-class testbed for data-driven, practical solutions in our unique, open-innovation ecosystem . The city has hundreds of Smart City innovations that have grown from community-driven, bottom-up initiatives ready to distribute and scale beyond the Netherlands, and can now provide a very practical program to share good practices in close collaboration with other cities.  We propose not only to exchange innovative solutions, but also experience, knowledge and resources in the form of seminars, workshops and test beds.  With multiple, state of the art, M2M (LoRaWAN, beacon, sensor and G5 narrow band or NB-IoT) networks, we have already seen how effective open IoT infrastructure is at sparking innovations and gathering momentum locally.  We have hosted, and continue to host, several Meetups, Hackathons, Challenges, and Special Events that have shown promising results, yielding hundreds of proof-of-concepts (PoCs) and prototypes, demonstrating the value of this innovative bottom-up, living lab approach. Now, we are ready to unlock the potential of community-driven innovation to create real impact with a global network.

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For more information about how to join the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab (AMSiXL) and accelerate global impact, please visit our website www.AMSiXL.com or contact the program directors, Paul Manwaring paul@iotlivinglab.com and Tom van Arman tom@tapp.nl