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As technology and knowledge democratize, cities can effectively co-develop innovative solutions with citizens to real problems. Through the years, Amsterdam gained experience by engaging citizens to co-develop solutions, turning the city into a living lab. Co-developing solutions with citizens reduces risks and costs. The living lab allows the city to develop and adapt faster. When people work together to solve problems, strong flexible communities are born. Cities become better when built upon a foundation of social inclusion because people are the greatest asset of a city. The crowd is the most powerful force for positive change. Let’s take the best, most effective, most impactful innovations and change the world for the better, one city at a time. The AMSiXL has been working hard with the City’s CTO office and key members of the Amsterdam innovation community to co-create an effective innovation exchange program that addresses core values which we have established with local stakeholders and international partners – Speed, Social inclusion, Citizen empowerment, Simple and effective solutions (low hanging fruit), Quick wins, Social impact, Nurturing and Growth to Scale.


Amasterdam is a plug & play lab

IoT is the bridge that joins cities and citizens so we can work together to change the world.  Sharing IoT innovations helps spread the work and speeds up the process of testing ideas, finding solutions and producing results so we can change the world faster. This is the essence of the AMSiXL – Joining cities together with IoT LIving Labs, co-creating and sharing innovations and improving people’s lives by accelerating participatory democracy.


LoRaWAN, beacon, sensor and G5 narrow band or NB-IoT networks 

Because experimentation is in our DNA – Amsterdam is home to over 20 Living Labs. A long history of working together to manage land and water resources has embedded practical and inclusive problem solving in our culture. Opened to startups in 2015, the Marineterrein provides a massive public space for interactive testing – a home to innovators in the heart of the city and headquarters for AMSiXL and key partner Amsterdam Smart City.


opensource portal for data, code & software

Data Lab is the knowledge center and partner for a data driven Amsterdam working with the public to co-develop and publish open source software, open APIs and open data. They provide workspace, meetups, workshops and training to encourage reuse of these valuable public resources and they are reaching out to other cities to share knowledge and further co-develop software as a city service.  They are now creating a public IoT data index the first step to publishing IoT generated data on an open platform.


home to workshops, business, machine and tool labs.

Makerversity’s mission is to inspire and support makers and grow communities of makers around the world. After London, The Marineterrein Amsterdam is home to the second Makerversity which now provides co-working space, tools, training, workshops, and inspiration to over 60 innovation pioneers. Home to AMSiXL founders IoT Living Lab and Tapp, Makerversity is where Amsterdam Rapid Prototypes smart citizen solutions.  

AMSiXL Approach

AMSIXL Process

Sharing experience, innovations and lessons learned is smart because we gain insight, create new opportunities and reduce risk.

Paul Manwaring, IoT Living Lab

We need to overcome traditional government approaches to problem-solving.  We need to address serious social problems and include all citizens to co-create immediate impact.

Ger Baron , Amsterdam CTO

We have a lot to learn from each other. Now is the time to do this; we have been experimenting and exploring, and now we are beginning to build our Smart City platforms – an innovation exchange makes sense.

Dr. Jung Hoon Lee, Yonsei University, Seoul

Co-creating and Sharing Innovations


Amsterdam is known for stimulating bottom-up community-driven Smart City solutions. Our philosophy is about inclusion, co-creation, and participation in an open ecosystem so we can work together quickly and effectively. Over the years, the innovation community here has hosted hundreds of special events, challenges and hackathons and thousands of Meetups and workshops. This socially inclusive approach to problem-solving yields solid results with co-created solutions and a world-class startup ecosystem.

Working with

What does your city want to exchange?

For more information about how to join the Amsterdam Innovation Exchange Lab (AMSiXL) and accelerate global impact, please visit our website or contact the program directors, Paul Manwaring and Tom van Arman